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PhD – a spiritual journey

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2008 at 3:17 pm

I am on the verge of submitting my thesis (hopefully in another couple of months’ time). Last 5 odd years have been a tumultuous , enjoyable and almost surreal (nevertheless extremely real) ride. Today, in a department function I was asked to summarise whether I enjoyed the last five years of my PhD life and given a chance (in a hypothetical second life) will I dare to do a PhD again. The answer to second question is clear, ‘yes’ I will dare to do a PhD again. However I would love to take a gist of experiences I had learned during my current endeavour to my next/parallel life, to make that experience more enterprising and rewarding. The question regarding the enjoyment quotient of the PhD process is hard to answer. In fact, I really could not formulate an answer¬† (and I suspect, the chances are slim that I will converge to a reasonable answer in future also). It really has been a love and hate relationship for me with the PhD process. There were times when despair and panic made deep in-roads in me. Let me be honest, the thought of quit-ing PhD did cross my mind multiple number of times. ¬† And there where times when the process was enthralling, exciting and extremely enjoyable.

It is almost impossible to condense experiences from the last 5 years into blog-post(s), without being overtly verbose. Hence I am not attempting to do so.

There are few qualities (good as well as bad) the process of doing PhD has instigated inside me. I see, hear and understand things very differently from what I used to 5 years back. The attempt of these posts (hopefully I will follow this up with many more) is to briefly touch upon the qualities that I am proud of having acquired in the past years. It is a more of a meta-physical counterpart to my thesis, however with a stricter adherence to Occam’s razor. I am candidly acknowledging that the posts are self-indulging (and this is intentional!). So my prior apologies for that.