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“The Making of the Title” – Special Blog Feature.

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I always title my web-pages, blogs, photo-share etc, with Appoose’. Note the apostrophe appears at the right most bit.  The syntactical correct form should be “Appoose’s”. However, ever since I made the initial typo; I have fallen more and more in love with the apostrophe at the end.

The reason. I love to consider myself as a plural being. Different pieces in constant argument, motion and reverberance to form a amazing self-organising network called ‘me’. The plurality comes in many domains; for example, biological, intellectual and social. The one aspect I love to track about myself is the flow of ideas inside me, across me and through me.

Now coming to the second word; ‘perturbations’. I am person who think very ‘locally’. Unfortunately often the task of finding a global picture or its placement does not come naturally to me. And, I have to struggle hard; especially if the local and temporally short live thoughts have not been captured and recorded. Moreover, I believe I am at my best when I am thinking locally. The moments in which the strains of thoughts suddenly make a weird collage in my mind, uniquely perturbed from my earlier mental models. These perturbations are special and essentially constitutes a major portion of me. The very perturbations I am trying to capture; motivated by the fear that I will loose it if not recorded.

For example I just re-noticed, my classic affinity towards trios (refer to the last two sentence of the paragraph earlier) or maybe this affinity is something my local universe has imparted on me (for eg, ‘for the people’, ‘of the people’ and ‘by the people’). The ol’ fashion narcissist in me will like to re-mix it as, the purpose of this writing is to capture the sentiment (’for me’ , ‘of me’ and ‘by me’).



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`To appreciate a good idea’. (You cannot be a good cook, without enjoying food)

Having done PhD in Computer Science (primary an engineering discipline) my pre-PhD notion was that I would hone up my objective thinking skills. However, this turned out to be quite the contrary. I found the field to be too vast than what could fit in my intellectual horizon. This awoke the pragmatist inside in me and had to concentrate on a minor sub-sub-problem. Many often I had to make subjective (based on gut intuition supplemented by statistically significant inputs) decision.

My appreciation of the current field is more post-modernistic, rather than absolute. In-fact I believe majority of researchers I have interacted share this belief. The vastness of field, coupled by the incomplete understanding brings upon a new interesting notion that you do not ordinarly associate with science. `Personality’. Your scientific-personality is exposed in the form of the ideas you are playing with; however more importantly how you connect the ideas and how you mould them to a tangible and useful form and structure.

There is a sense of extreme beauty in how a good researcher goes upon solving a problem. Akin to Michelangelo taking a slab of concrete, chipping away peices and retaining only the relevant form, and finally polishing the sculpture, a good researchers prunes away irrelvant details and domains from a given problem; builds upon (or create a new) framework to give a form for his solution and fine polishes each elements in the process.