Not fair

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2013 at 1:50 pm

Some of the most rememberable moments I had in my life were the moments I completed my half-marathon runs. In all of these occasion my body had completely given up, but the trill of crossing the finishing line made me trod forward. I also distinctly remember the boy who ran to me with a bottle of glucose water and probed me to get back to run somewhere at 16km during the Mumbai marathon and the two volunteer girls who ran either side of me during my last kilometer of Geneva marathon when I thought I could not run anymore. All of these strangers were really instrumental for the moments I consider as one of my most treasured achievements.

It is beyond comprehension how someone can take away such precious lives, rudely interrupting the pure and intimate conversation these runners were having with their internal spirits and the fraternal conversations the great souls who came to cheer were having with the runners. The cheers that were imparting courage, motivation and strenght . It is sad! Really sad! and really not fair!

But what else can we do, but keep calm and carry on.


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