An Angel Walked Past Him

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Exactly 10 years ago, something extremely significant and good happened in my life. For starters, it is the day I joined an engineering college (and thus instrumental in setting the direction of my career so far). But more importantly, that day I had a vision. It was not the CEO/politician genre of vision. But something more simple, something more fundamental, something more significant, something more personal and something far more prettier than anything I had ever seen. The sight was real, at the same time had a tad surreal touch to it. The vision had co-existence in my mind and in the physical reality.

I had the vision of a girl! Yes, I saw my Cuckoo for the first time that day!

So here is the story of Appoose’ Vision.

A typical 18 year old youth. First day at college. His radar is in alert mode; Vigorously scanning for beautiful people among the crowd. A red alert triggers in his radar. He suspect that many simultaneous triggers have been registered in many a mental radars around him. The many whose base architecture were endowed with that extra Y-chromosome. He could feel his head turning. He sees the heads of the fellow Y-chromosome-walas also turning.

And behold! an angel walked past him!

Now to make the events more fun (or filmy), please feel free and imagine the “hero meets heroine” situations in the movies (the soft focus, colour-rich background, title track melody playing and whole lot of extras with their flashy costumes).

An angel walked past him!

Aah! Though the event’s projection to reality was slightly less Karan Johar-ish , the reality of his nostalgic recollection seems to give the {[A-Z]}ollywood-ish platitude a run for their money!

Now to make the events sound more elitist, let’s take a snapshot of our protagonist’s anatomical condition and mental thoughts.

An angel walked past him!

His heart stops fluttering for a second. A numbness spreads all around him. There are butterflies in his stomach. Suddenly, his heart freewheels. It starts to beat with a rigour and pace it seldom had achieved in the past. Adrenaline is pumped in humongous quantities into his system. He could feel the sweat beads running through his temple. He becomes aware of his condition.

He is happy to be there. Burying his past apprehensions, he is happy that he chose that college. He is annoyed with his male peers who is sharing the sight with him. “It is not fair” he feels ; “I do not want to share this sight with these idiots!”.

She was different from most other girls he had met. He could get a sense of her playful nature, innocence and immaturity. He always had imagined himself as a boy who will forever resist the thought of him becoming a grown up man. He suddenly imagines her to be `the’ girl who will always resist the thought of her growing up to be a mature adult woman and cling on to girl-hood forever. She was sporting a tom-boyish look; with extremely short hair (a rare sight in Kerala!). She was a misnomer (in a good way) to the most girls he had seen so far. The radical difference in her physical attire makes it easy for him to associate all the qualities he attributed to the girl in his dreams to her. That moment (and henceforth) she was the perfect girl to him!

A quick insertion sort places her in the top position of his temporal mental list of beautiful women. Little did he realise that the entry will remain in that position forever.

He is looking for a more direct sight of her. He wants to get a good full look of those beautiful big eyes! He knows that she is aware of the multiple eyes that are fixated on her. He gets a feeling that she is enjoying the attention, however he is extremely worried that if she catches him staring, he might get down-graded to a status of `one of those ogling wretches’.  Suddenly he locks his eyes with hers. He, in one frantic and an extremely non-gracious motion shifts his gaze and stares towards the ground near his feet. “Damm.. Damn… Damn… Damn…” he thinks

He feels ashamed for a moment. However, this is masqueraded by his overt and sudden awareness of his anatomical state. His heart and mind is palpitating again. It reminds him of an instance from a memoir he had read in Reader’s Digest describing how the author met his future wife for the first time. He builds an isomorphism between the situations. This helps in regaining some of his swollen spirit.

He picturises himself in a imaginary conversation with her. Contrary to his innate introvert qualities, he imagines him to be a natural conversationalist. His words lauded with both an easy and natural wit as well as charm. His speech is void of any stammers or the awkward pauses to search for the right word. He imagines his audience to be gripped and impressed by the flow of words originating from him. However, her feminine instincts prevents her from showing open appreciation. But, he could see right through her mask.

She moves away out of his vision

He gives out a deep sigh.

10 years and counting

10 years and Counting

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  1. appoose, cucki is truly lucky to have found u….. may u 2 have many many many more happy years together……

  2. Good one buddy!!

  3. Varun, It’s been 10 years since we all met at CEC. So cheers for that also! (Nov 23rd 1998, if I remember correctly)

  4. What a meeting…Totally unfilmi 🙂
    Very interesting post

  5. ;;) Nice one..

  6. Hi Appu…. jus read this wonderful post and went back to the joining day at college… extremely vivid description of the unfolding of the events…. well done… having stayed for 4 yrs as ur roomie, little did I know and little did u give away that this was going to be ur girl of dreams…. :-)))

    3 cheers to Appu n Cuckoo…..!!

  7. AWESOME !! Got this randomly , its simply gr8 !!

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