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`To appreciate a good idea’. (You cannot be a good cook, without enjoying food)

Having done PhD in Computer Science (primary an engineering discipline) my pre-PhD notion was that I would hone up my objective thinking skills. However, this turned out to be quite the contrary. I found the field to be too vast than what could fit in my intellectual horizon. This awoke the pragmatist inside in me and had to concentrate on a minor sub-sub-problem. Many often I had to make subjective (based on gut intuition supplemented by statistically significant inputs) decision.

My appreciation of the current field is more post-modernistic, rather than absolute. In-fact I believe majority of researchers I have interacted share this belief. The vastness of field, coupled by the incomplete understanding brings upon a new interesting notion that you do not ordinarly associate with science. `Personality’. Your scientific-personality is exposed in the form of the ideas you are playing with; however more importantly how you connect the ideas and how you mould them to a tangible and useful form and structure.

There is a sense of extreme beauty in how a good researcher goes upon solving a problem. Akin to Michelangelo taking a slab of concrete, chipping away peices and retaining only the relevant form, and finally polishing the sculpture, a good researchers prunes away irrelvant details and domains from a given problem; builds upon (or create a new) framework to give a form for his solution and fine polishes each elements in the process.


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