Not fair

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Some of the most rememberable moments I had in my life were the moments I completed my half-marathon runs. In all of these occasion my body had completely given up, but the trill of crossing the finishing line made me trod forward. I also distinctly remember the boy who ran to me with a bottle of glucose water and probed me to get back to run somewhere at 16km during the Mumbai marathon and the two volunteer girls who ran either side of me during my last kilometer of Geneva marathon when I thought I could not run anymore. All of these strangers were really instrumental for the moments I consider as one of my most treasured achievements.

It is beyond comprehension how someone can take away such precious lives, rudely interrupting the pure and intimate conversation these runners were having with their internal spirits and the fraternal conversations the great souls who came to cheer were having with the runners. The cheers that were imparting courage, motivation and strenght . It is sad! Really sad! and really not fair!

But what else can we do, but keep calm and carry on.


Self Discovery

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“Know Thyself” This is the single most important lesson that I keep realizing quite often but never has managed to internalize. (Quoting Matrix “There is difference between knowing the path and walking the path”). In a nutshell, knowing thyself I believe has two components (the yin and yang of it): our ability to search inward and our ability to doubt ourself and the reality that we perceive. Strangely these two forces ( our beliefs and our doubts ) tangos around in a mysterious manner to form an extraordinary dance. These thoughts/doubts are quite profound and has bothered many of the best minds for centuries. I think it is a good and essential thing in process of self-discovery.

Element of doubt is very fundamental to us. Without doubt we will become dogmatic, horrible and insensitive people ( ) . Life is like driving in a non-illuminated and non-familiar road at night with only your headlines turned on. You only see the immediate vicinity, and only has the vague memory of the path you have traced so far. In my mind I treat my life as a search for beauty; and climax moments are the ones which bring extreme gratification and suffering in this search [ and both again is essential for the other to exist].

It is really funny what one can discover by searching inward. I think almost all human discovery is courtesy our ability to search inward and explore our own self. For example Einstein was able to re-write our understanding of fabric of space and time by searching inward. One of his early leads to theory of relativity was a simple thought experiments that he is moving at the same speed of light and he wondered how he will perceive light. It was an extremely first-person cause and effect imagination the he channelized to build into his radical theory of special|general relativity.

The funny part is that; though I have made only these mental models, I am bad student and hypocrite who does not listen to myself and engage in the hard-task of self-searching.

The Tree of Life

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“The Tree of Life” is almost certainly the best film from Hollywood I have seen so far!

For me (and I believe it is true for a most of us) understanding of scale and time is always local. A story, an event, a phenomena is always grasped and understood by positioning ourselves in a very local space and time frame. It is such difficult mental prisons that Terrence Malik breaks, and he breaks them with some of the most breath-taking visuals cohered with grandiose music.

Film opens with the monologue :

The nuns taught us there were two ways through life – the way of nature and the way of grace. You have to choose which one you’ll follow.

And to a certain extent, I believe that such dichotomies and polychotomies (immaterial if they are true of not) are useful abstraction tools to handle the complexities of our lives.  But often, it is easy to get trapped (or be held hostage) to these imperfect thoughts. Loosely, the film is a recollective narrative of a childhood; a very personal, sensitive and spiritually aware depiction of 1950s Texan family. Just after the first few minutes of the film, something remarkable and unexpected happens! Film shifts itself into a cosmic scale and pace with images of exploding stars, planets in motion, evolution, and a benevolent dinosaur; whilst hooking (and contrasting) itself to the infinitesimal scale primary thread by subtle voice-overs. We later rejoin to the O’Brien family, back in the microscopic scale, but rich in emotion and deep in spiritual drama. This is really daring piece of film-making (and the only comparison I can make is of Tarkovsky’s Solaris), and deserves to be stood up and applauded!